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Starikov, LLC

Consulting Services by Yuri Starikov

More than 15 years of experience in software development and management. Best knowledge of software development technologies, programming languages, inventor of best in the World software application and products. Technologies developed by Yuri Starikov are in use in the following Microsoft products: Windows 9x, Windows NT, Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 8, Windows RT,  Internet Explorer, Outlook Express, Windows Mail, MS Exchange, MS Works, MS BizTalk, MS SQL Server and much more. Good experience for multiplatform development including C/C++/C#/Java/Python development for Windows/Linux/Solaris/Android/Mac OS X/iOS.


Experience with development of server side applications, using C#/Python/Java Script/HTML, cloud based applications (Microsoft Azure and Amazon AWS)


Expert knowledge of PKI, Certificate Authorities. Hardware Security Modules, Identity, SmartCard and token management.


Experienced Team Lead. Good experience as Team Lead/Manager in Software Development Life Cycle from preliminary analysis to deployment in very large organizations (like US Department of State, USDA and Raytheon).


Expert knowledge of MS Team Foundation Server and Microsoft Office Suite (from 1993 version), including Visio and Project, MS Azure and Exchange Online.


Experienced user of GIT, CMAKE in Windows/Linux/OSX, Linux cross-platform tools (including cross-platform build for Raspbian), Using XAMARIN, MONO, GTKSharp, Cordova and UWP.



Good presentation skills on English and Russian, using PowerPoint.


Azure DevOps certified (Microsoft University18473).


Linkedin: http://www.linkedin.com/pub/yuri-starikov/41/905/9a


2009-2021 SPYRUS, Inc

Software Architect/Team Lead

§  NcryptNshare – Architect and Dev Manager for suite of applications that work with any SPYRUS Rosetta enabled device to allow you to encrypt your files and control access in the cloud or wherever they are stored. Approved for use by Canadian and US governments. https://www.spyrus.com/ncryptnshare/ . Works on Windows/Universal Windows Platform/ Android.

§  PocketVault File Encryptor - Architect and team lead for Spyrus Cross-platform (Windows/ Windows RT/ Android/ Mac/ iOS/ Linux) Suite B software application for protection confidential information. First shown (Windows RT and Android versions) on RSA Conference 2013. Wide used by US Department of State.

§  Lead of software development of Spyrus Secure Portable Workplace – first Microsoft certified encrypted Windows To Go device. (http://technet.microsoft.com/en-us/library/hh831833.aspx and  http://www.spyruswtg.com/ ). Work with External vendors in Japan and Russia.

§  Secure Pocket Drive team lead/development manager and architect. Secure Pocket Drive is new class of security devices which allow booting Windows/Linux from encrypted flash drive. Winner of 2010 US Homeland Security award and Info Security 2011-2012 Global Excellence award.
(http://www.spyrus.com/products/secure_pocket_drive.asp )

§  Development Lead/Architect for PocketVault SD (http://www.spyrus.com/products/pocketvaultsd.asp )

§  SPYRUS Rosetta SD product line lead – Rosetta SD unique device which combine SD (SDHC) card functionality, smartcard and Suite B encryption device.( http://www.spyrus.com/products/rosettasd.asp ).

§  Lead of SPYRUS P-384 development for Linux/Mac, Win64 and Android.
(http://www.spyrus.com/products/pvp-384.asp )

§  Lead of all SPYRUS development for Android platform


2007–2009 Microsoft Corporation Windows 7 Media Center Content Protection (DRM) team

Senior SDE

§  Design and development of Content Protection for TV tuners in Windows 7 Media Center (http://windows.microsoft.com/en-US/windows/products/windows-media-center )

§  Inventor of “Unified Parental Control System for the Entertainment Industry” (Patent pending).

§  Developer of Protected Broadcast Device Architecture – new MS standard for computer HDTV/Entertainment systems.

2004–2007 Secure Communication Technologies, LLC (SC-TECH)

President/Chief Developer

§  First commercial system for S/MIME3 ESS and S/MIME security labels: ClassLabels

§  eProtector for Files – Suite B enabled file encryption system for using with encryption hardware from Spyrus

§  eProtector for Drives family – media encryption system.

§  4 US Patents pending.

§  Member of many US professional organizations

§  Present SC-TECH and Spyrus, Inc in many exhibitions and professional conferences, including RSA Conference (2005, 2006 -USA), Microsoft Tech, IX International Economic Forum in St. Petersburg (June, 2006), NSA Conference, Nov. 2006 and many others.

§  Vendor work for Microsoft Exchange team - complete security review and security enhancements for Exchange 2007.

§  Consulting work for Spyrus, Inc – working on Spyrus Crypto Toolbox (Suite B SDK), Spyrus PKI

§  Consulting work for PKI systems in different companies in USA, Russia and government of Armenia.



2003–2004                    Microsoft Corporation           MSN Client team

Technical Lead

§  Design and development of new Microsoft e-mail client for MSN.

§  Implementation POP3, SMTP protocols, Support for SSL and SPA in e-mail clients.

§  Design work for MSN 10 and MSN 11 (Longhorn) e-mail clients.



2002-2003                     Microsoft         Microsoft Special Forces team

Technical  Lead

§  Design and development of subscription server for MSN.

§  Move subscription to new Passport technology

§  Design and development MSN subscription during first start of Windows XP (OOBE XP).



1996-2002                     Microsoft Corporation. Outlook Express team

Development Lead – Outlook Express

§  Management of small team of developers who created most popular e-mail client in the World.

§  Design and implementation of S/MIME 3 protocols for using with any Microsoft applications (Outlook Express, Outlook, Exchange, BizTalk and etc.)

§  Design and implementation components of MimeOLE -  Windows component which provide all e-mail transports to any Microsoft applications

§  Design and development of international support for  Microsoft e-mail clients which is standard now for any e-mail clients, including non-Microsoft

§  Design and Development of  Windows Address Book

§  Move Outlook Express client to 64 bit world for Windows 64 bit on Itanium platform

§  Port of Outlook Express to Sun Solaris (Internet Explorer for Unix project)

1993-1996                     Microsoft Corporation. Microsoft  Works team

Development Lead

§  Development lead for Communications part of Microsoft Works for Windows ver 3.0-5.0. Suggested to move Communications module to E-mail client which is Outlook Express now.

§  Design and development RTF-Works converters and conversion technology, which is still in use in Microsoft Office.

§  Move MS Works from 16-bit Windows to 32-bit platform

1992-1993                     Microsoft Corporation.        Windows NT team

Software Design Engineer

§  Design and development MS-DOS emulation module (NTVDM) in Windows NT

§  Design and development architecture of keyboard drivers in Windows NT

1990-1992                     Microsoft Ireland International Product group

Software Design Engineer

§  Design and development Windows 3.1 for Central and Eastern Europe, which was basis for  Polish, Hungarian, Czech and Russian Windows 3.1

§  Design and development architecture of keyboard drivers for Windows 3,1 (and as result for Windows 95)

§  Design and development of unique product: Microsoft AlphabetPlus, which provided support for eastern European languages in Microsoft MS-DOS 3.3-5.0

§  Design and development national support for Russian MS-DOS 5.0, Swedish MS-DOS 5.0.

§  Design and development code pages 1251, 1252, 1254, 1253, 1250 which are standard now in the World

§  Design and development keyboard layouts for many eastern European languages, which are standard now in the World.


1988-1990                     JV Dialogue                             Moscow, USSR

Software Expert

§  Works with Microsoft on the first MS products for USSR: Russian MS-DOS 4.01 and Russian PC Works 2.0

1985-1988                     NIIRP                                       Moscow, USSR

Software Engineer

§  Works on many projects which was based on Soviet analog of Unix BSD 2.9 – Demos



United States Patent 20100287584
Issued November 11, 2010

Microsoft Patent for my Media Center work.



Enhanced electronic mail security system and method

United States Patent Application 20050268327
Filed May 10, 2005

Patent for some my work during 2004-2007



Program mobility and realizations of C programming language

JV Interquadro
September 15, 1988

Authors: Yuri Starikov

The first book about C programming language written by Russian author. Three editions: 1988 - JV Interquadro, 1990 - Moscow State University Press, 1992 - "Pirate" edition - re-print of second edition without my permissions (found this in 1998)


1986-1988                     Moscow Aviation Institute          Moscow, Russia

§  Post graduate doctorate course.

1977-1983                     Novosibirsk State University                     Russia

§  M.S in mathematics (RF code: 2013)

§  M.S. in computer science (RF code: 0647)



Internet, computers, scuba diving, travels, digital photos and video.


Married, two sons